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Pyro grew up in a small suburb of Indianapolis, IN, where he first discovered his love for hip hop music. After 5 years in Cincinnati, he now resides outside of Columbus, OH. He has multiple albums & singles and has accumulated thousands of followers worldwide, totaling over 700,000 views across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Pyro’s fans, known as Lighter Gang “Pyros,” are deeply connected to the feelings and emotions in his music. His lyrics will make you want to laugh, cry, fight, and love. 

“I’m all about creating real music with a purpose and connecting with the most amazing fans in the world. Whether it’s joy, comedy, anger or pain, what matters to me is that my music reflects who I truly am and who I want to become. I simply hope to bring listeners on my journey with me & heal some hearts along the way... And yes, that includes my own.”


Pyro recently founded The Artist Connect, a network & training program designed to give fans and aspiring artists the tools they need to pursue their musical dreams. He is also an Artist Coach for more advanced artists in the Modern Musician Gold Artist Academy™, founded by his friend and music mentor, Michael Walker. 

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