Conquer Instagram

Below are important steps you can take to optimize your Instagram Growth.


  • Make your Instagram account public. If it's not public, less people will see you in their news feeds!

  • Put your website in your Instagram bio. It makes you look more and helps people find more info about you if they're interested! If you don't have an official website, make this a link to your music on Spotify or Soundcloud.

  • Do Instagram Live Videos. These pop up on all of your followers phones! If they watch, it's a great opportunity to deepen your connection with them. If they don't, they still saw a notification with your name... And that's a win!

  • Post at least 3-4 times per week. Daily if possible. Keep yourself in front of your fans so you are always on their mind! Show them that you are active, and give them a behind-the-scenes look at your life.

  • Photos over everything!  Post more pictures than videos, and avoid posting a lot of pictures with text overlays. As a rule of thumb, people on Instagram like to see pictures of PEOPLE! You are a person. Photos are still and always will be king on Instagram.

  • Make your captions interesting. Since you're not putting text on photos, this makes captions all the more important. Be creative!

  • Use #hashtags. Do some research, and figure out what hashtags people post with content that relates to what you do. Start using those hashtags to help people find you!