Artist Networking

As a community of Artists, we are one another's greatest allies. We share fans, share resources, and publicly support one another.

How to network with artists

  • Collaborate on music. When you collaborate, you both gain the audience of one another's fans. When you collab, you should be hardcore encouraging your fans to go follow your fellow artist as well. They will do the same for you, and both sides will win big because of it.

  • Promote their music. It's as simple and easy as a retweet, a shoutout on instagram, a mention in your story... When your fellow artists put music  out, promote it and support it! The more you do this, the more excited they will be to promote yours as well.

  • Keep constructive criticism private. If you ever have tips, critical opinions, or constructive comments to give to another artist and you feel like you HAVE to make your voice heard, shoot them a private message. Let them know you're doing it to help them because you care about them. Find something positive to say about them and their music despite your criticism. Don't publicly tearing them down... Unless you want them to publicly tear you down too! As artists, we are a community... Let's support one another. Let behind-the-scenes disagreements stay behind the scenes.

  • Recognize other artists' wins. When another artist has a huge success​, your initial reaction might be a feeling of jealousy. Fight that jealousy, and do not welcome it into your mind. Instead of letting jealousy consume you, make it a point to publicly congratulate them. Your fans will love it, and their fans will be attracted to you because of it!